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Take a 360 deg Virtual Tour of the Main Foyer

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Main Foyer

Upon entering the Supreme Court through the main entrance doors, one of the striking features of the foyer is the polished brown granite, a local stone from Mt Bundy, which is used in the impressive stairway each side of the entrance to Court 1. In the foyer, the granite has been accented with white reconstituted marble from South Australia. A sunken floor is situated in the centre of the foyer where a mosaic based on the painting "Milky Way Dreaming" can be viewed. 

Milky Way Dreaming

The largest work of art in the building is a 55m2 floor mosaic (use the down arrow button on your keyboard or your mouse to view mosaic in ipix image) based on the painting "Milk Way Dreaming" by Nora Napaltjari Nelson. An interesting series of photographs showing the construction of the 700,000 piece Venetian glass mosaic is located at the entrance to the coffee shop on level 2, and the painting itself hangs on the western wall of Level 4.From the atrium on Level 4, one can gain an excellent "birds-eye" view of the mosaic.


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