Library Databases

The library adds information to the following databases; to access them click HERE

The LIBRARY CATALOGUE provides access to information by author, title, subject and ISBN. The Dewey Decimal number for books appears in the Call Number field. The Location field shows which library holds each item: Darwin and Alice Springs Supreme Court Library or Local Court Library. The library catalogue is updated regularly. Please note: the Local Court Library is available for judicial use only.

The ARTICLES database includes articles in journals held by the library. Access is available by author, title, subject, date and citation. Articles in the Journal Psychology. Psychiatry and the Law are indexed into the PSYCHOLOGY database. In addition to the above access points, there is an abstract.

In the GAZETTE DATABASE we index the notices in the Northern Territory Government Gazette. Current issues are indexed as soon as possible after receipt and an effort is being made to index notices retrospectively. Notices are indexed by subject, legislation and date.

NT ACTS and NT REGULATIONS are 2 databases which index information about NT legislation, principally the commencement and gazettal details from 1978 onwards. The databases show the act/regulation number, assent date (acts only), gazettal date of making the legislation and gazettal of the commencement date. For some records the details of the second reading speech is given.

JUDGMENTS NT is the database which indexes the judgments delivered by the Supreme Court Judges and Local Court judges of the Northern Territory. Access is available by party name, judge, court, date, legislation and cases. Where a decision is available on the Northern Territory Supreme Court or Austlii websites a link is provided to the decision. Note that where a trial is held before a jury, there is no record of reasons for a jury verdict as juries are not required to give reasons. Where an accused is found guilty, the judge’s sentencing remarks may be available; they are also indexed in this database. The WORK HEALTH database contains the records of the decisions delivered under the work health legislation.

The JUSTICES APPEALS/LOCAL APPEALS databases indexe appeals from Magistrates’/Local Court Judges' decisions and access is available by party name, magistrate/judge, subject, date, legislation and file number.


In the RACING APPEALS database we index the decisions of the administrative tribunals under the Australian Racing Rules; these decisions are received from WA, NSW, SA, Victoria and New Zealand. Access is available by party name, tribunal, judge, date and the Australian Racing Rule contravened.