Services provided by the Library

The library provides a reference and information service to its primary client group - the Judges of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory and the Judges of the Local Court of the Northern Territory - and to its secondary client group - the legal profession in private practice in the Northern Territory. Persons representing themselves in court can apply for access to the library for reference purposes. On application other persons may be granted access to use the library for reference only.

The collection is a reference collection with some textbooks and bound law reports able to be borrowed to take to court. Bound volumes of legislation and Journals as well as loose-leaf services are not available for loan.

If the text, article or report required is not held by the library, arrangements can be made to obtain it on interlibrary loan; this service is only available to primary and secondary clients. Any charges incurred for this will be passed on to secondary clients.

The library has a photocopier for the use of clients; there is a charge of $0.66 per page for copying and printing made by secondary clients.

There is a PC available in the Darwin library to search the library catalogue and its other databases as well as certain legal internet sites. General internet access is not available. Printing on the large printer incurs a charge of $0.66 per page for secondary clients, self repesented litigants and members of the public.


Current Awareness

A Current Awareness Bulletin, an Email Bulletin and a Legislation Bulletin are the current awareness publications issued by the library.

For the latest Current Awareness Bulletin, click here

For the latest Email Bulletin, click here

For the latest Legislation Bulletin, click here

The former is issued at the beginning of the month and contains a copy of the contents pages of the journals received in the previous month.

The Email Bulletin contains references to selected articles in journals received by the library arranged in subject order, new textbooks received, details of recent NT legislative changes and judgments handed down by NT courts and NTCAT; it also now includes the details of High Court decisions handed down in the previous month.

The Legislation Bulletin is issued on a weekly basis and contains details of the legislation notices published in the Northern Territory Government Gazette. For previous commencement information please follow this link to the NT Acts Database

If you are interested in going on the mailing list to receive any of these products regularly please send an email to